In the middle of May 2017 I suddenly had some time to do something that is not strictly "work". I put an ad on WOLOHO saying “I would take a photo of you, if you’d tell me why you need one. The best story wins!“. 

I got 10 stories. All women, for some reason. All great stories. All made sense to me, wondering why would anyone today need a photo of themselves.

There were stories about struggling with body issues, needing to mark a point in time, a “life junction”, being lost in between worlds, fear of change, of getting old. But what I understood as a basic need to be seen, which probably applied to all, in conjunction with my opportunity to play the role of the "witness" in the process, made me go and try to schedule a session to all of them, as time allowed.
It took 5 months to coordinate all shooting dates and another 3 months to edit.

These are my personal picks.    









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