“My most recurring pain is the one of separation. It might be rooted in the very moment of birth, but it is present in myriad aspects of my life. ‘Body’ is an investigation of the tension between the autonomous state of ‘self’ and its desire to merge. It examines the boundaries of our body and the search for ways to define it.”
Body - 
Photography by Shai Levy
In this photographic project, Shai Levy invites us to reexamine our notion of Body. The work, which consists of twelve photographs arranged in three groups, appears as a sequence of collages in which the traditional “portrait composition” is deconstructed. Each composition, charged by the tension between the whole and its parts, expresses a distinct treatment of the body from a gestalt perspective.
Though this work may also be read as an invitation to observe an intimate, collaborative exploration of a photographer and his subjects, one that does not allow a complete detachment from the “personal” to take place.
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